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Information for module maintainers

After some days of the developing your module you probably want to release it to the public. Use following steps to reach your goal:

  1. Generate all files for your release (e.g. source tarballs, binary packages, documentation files, and so on).
  2. Place the files on the net (make it publicly available). If you don't have access to public web or ftp server you could upload these files into your home directory at SF shell server. Please do not use anonymous SourceForge ftp server.
  3. Write an e-mail to mailing list with subject New release: <modulename>-<releasename>. Example: New release: jtag-0.4
  4. The e-mail should contain following information:
    • module name
    • release name
    • a properly formatted text for release notes
    • a properly formatted text for change log
    • list of files (URLs) for this release; every file should contain information about processor (valid values are: i386, IA64, Alpha, Any, PPC, MIPS, Sparc, UltraSparc, Other, Platform-Independent, ARM, SH3) and file type (valid values: .deb, .rpm, .zip, .bz2, .gz, Source .zip, Source .bz2, Source .gz, Source .rpm, Other Source File, .jpg, text, html, pdf, Other, .sit, .nbz, .exe (DOS), .exe (16-bit Windows), .exe (32-bit Windows), .exe (OS/2), .dmg, .jar, Source Patch/Diff, .prc (PalmOS), .iso, Source .Z, .bin (MacBinary))
  5. Please wait for reply from an openwince project admin. You will be notified after successful release.
  6. Please send an announce to the announce mailing list about your new release. All postings will be also added into News by an openwince project admin.

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