srcconf is a software package which enables user friendly configuration of software source code packages. srcconf is based on the lxdialog and kconfig (a.k.a. lkc) extracted from the Linux kernel 2.5.50.

srcconf should run on all POSIX operating systems (including Linux and MS Windows with Cygwin installed).

Latest released version is srcconf-0.1 (first public release) available in source form from SourceForge download site.

Build and install instructions

  1. Download and unpack srcconf sources.
  2. Run `./configure --prefix=/usr`.
  3. Run `make` and `make install`.

Running srcconf

To configure your software source code package please read documentation for the package. In general, you should run either conf, or mconf, or qconf (qconf is optional, requires qt) program with a parameter (this parameter is dependent by configured package).

Note: conf, mconf, and qconf are only different front-ends for srcconf (lkc) engine with different look, but with same results. Logo

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