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How to contribute

All contributors are welcome. We have some rules for new contributors. Please read these rules before asking for CVS access and so on.

  1. We have created some mailing lists (see left pane for the link).
  2. If you have comments for this homepage, feel free to write e-mail to address at bottom of the page (or appropriate mailing list).
  3. If you want contribute to the existing module or subproject please ask maintainer of the module/subproject.
  4. If you want to create new module/subproject as a part of the openwince project, please write to the with request for project membership. Your request should contain all information required for subproject info template and information about your new module/subproject (why, some ideas, and so on).
  5. If you have created an independent project which is not a part of the openwince and you want to list your project here, please write to the mailing list with information for subproject info template (CVS module and developer list are not required).

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